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Worker's Comp Claims

Vehicular Accidents

Drugs in Workplace

Background Checks

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Assault

Domestic Abuse


Process Services

Diverse Backgrounds

The diverse backgrounds of our investigators in law enforcement, business, the military, government service, public affairs and technical areas provide "know-how" and person contacts to effectively accomplish accepted cases, often utilizing a "team" approach. Our investigators are all licensed and participate in on-going, continuing education training.

Since 1994

Third-Party Services has provided complete investigation services to attorneys, Insurance companies, business firms and individuals. We also do process service.

Kind Words from a Satisfied Customer:

"I am so very grateful for your help, especially with your fast acting results. We've gone through two other investigators for a total of $400 and they were unable to obtain the results. So I am very grateful for your help!"

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Inmate of Iowa State Penitentiary

Ft. Madison, IA

Technological Resources

include on-line access and subscriptions to various national databases, video tape and still photography, voice recording -- and more.

Professional Memberships

include the Female Legal & Investigative Professionals (FLIP) and the Iowa Association of Private Investigators (IAPI).

Licensed Private Investigator:

Melissa K. Ruhlow - Owner