About Third Party Services

About Us

Extensive Experience

Our EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE includes investigations of murders, arsons, motor vehicle accidents, Workers Compensation claims, fraud, theft, drugs in the workplace, domestic abuse and sexual assaults - among other types of cases. We have also successfully completed many, many locates, employment background screenings and process services.

Diverse Backgrounds

The DIVERSE BACKGROUNDS of our investigators in law enforcement, business, the military, government service, public affairs and technical areas provide "know-how" and personal contacts to effectively accomplish accepted cases, often utilizing a "team" approach. Our investigators are all licensed and participate in on-going, continuing education training.

Technology Resources

Our TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES include on-line access and subscriptions to various national databases, video tape and still photography, voice recording -- and more.

Professional Memberships

Our PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS include the Female Legal & Investigative Professionals (FLIP) and the Iowa Association of Private Investigators (IAPI).